Things You'll Only Relate to If You Celebrate Chanukah

Ah, the Festival of Lights!

Yes, Chanukah is finally upon us, and we couldn't be more thrilled to take some time off from school and hit the grocery store with mom.

There's a lot in store for the next "eight crazy nights," and what better to do than bring fellow dreidel-spinners together with our list of 10 things you'll only relate to if you celebrate Hanukah?

Scroll below and prepare to nod your head in agreement!

A family gives a high-five during a Hanukah game of dreidel

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1. You frequently roll your eyes when people ask you if you're "going anywhere for the holidays" because Hanukah is one of the least holy observances in Judaism. As much as you love being with your extended family, Hanukah is not typically a celebration that requires travel.

2. But, to clarify, even though Hanukah isn't the most important Jewish holiday, it's def your fave. An excuse to stuff your face with latkes for eight days? Count you in! And it doesn't hurt that it's the chilliest (aka best) time of year.

3. The eight days, eight presents thing is totally overrated. For one, the older we get, the less days of presents we receive—and for two, even when we do get Hanukah presents, are they ever really that great? Thanks for the stickers, mom!

kraft paper and origami bow gift wrap

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4. Latkes totally live up to the hype. And they are so not basic! Every person who makes latkes has their own way of doing them which make each batch unique. And while we don't understand where the whole sour cream and applesauce combo came from, we're totally on board.

A plate of latkes for Hanukah

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5. Menorahs are way more than just simple candle holders—the appearance of your menorah is as important and personalized as your cell phone case. No cost is too pricey to have the fanciest candelabrum in your Hebrew school class. Best part? Mom and dad will totally pay for it!

A Hanukah menorah

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6. Nothing comes between you and a mean game of dreidel. How dare anyone think they can have possession over your gelt, right? And in especially competitive families, change is involved (which you desperately need right about now, given that your allowance money went to holiday gifts for friends).

7. You may not celebrate Christmas, but you are the first to make mom or dad take you on a 20-minute cruise through the neighborhood to check out all the rad Xmas lights.

8. The only time you cheat on your eight-day latke diet is if Christmas and Hanukah overlap. In that case, to the nearest Chinese restaurant you go on Dec. 25!

Two girls eating Chinese food

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9. You don't know how many times you have to explain to people that Hanukah can be spelled any way it's pronounced. Chanukah, Hannukah, Channukah, Hanuka (and many more) each apply! We promise this is one spelling test you will not fail.

10. One word: THIS! ????

Adorable Hanukah bear


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