7 Witty One-Liners That Make Perfect Chanukah Instagram Captions

It's time to dust off your menorah, grate some potatoes and exercise your spinning arm, because Chanukah is here!

While the Festival of Lights isn't the holiest of Jewish holidays, it's arguably the most fun. Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's the presents and gelt, maybe it's the latkes—but this eight-day celebration brings people together, and it's certainly the perfect opportunity to flood your Instagram with festive photos.

Sick of the same ol' captions you've been using all year? All good, we've come up with a handful of witty one-liners that are sure to get your pals commenting.

Keep reading for seven one-liners that make perfect Chanukah Instagram captions!

For that photo of your beautiful menorah:

"I can't speak for your Chanukah, but mine is LIT!"

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For that photo of you flipping a potato pancake:

"I love potatoes a LATke."

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For that photo of you spinning the dreidel:

"Gimel all your gelt!"

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For that photo of you showing off your stuffed Chanukah bear:

"My Chanukah just wouldn't be the same without this beary special addition."

Adorable Hanukah bear

(Photo Courtesy of Dahvi Shira)


For that photo of your pet decked out in festive attire:

"Happy Pawlidays from this lil' troublemaker"


For that photo of you cleaning up the messy kitchen after cooking up a storm:

"Love, peace and latke grease."


For that photo of you belting out the lyrics to your fave Chanukah song:

"You don't need 'Deck The Halls' or 'Jingle Bell Rock,'
'cause you can spin a dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock!"


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