Here's What Happened When I Tried a New 5-Minute Mood-Boosting App

It's easy to feel blue and let our emotions get the best of us.

Sure, we've all heard meditation is a great way to deal with our moods—but does anyone really have the time to learn? Enter the Happy Not Perfect app. Using this for five minutes a day radically changed my mood, and I'm sharing my experience below in case it can work for you, too.

Keep reading for everything you should know to make the app work best you.

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The Blues Happen

I'm not the girl with a permanent smile all day, every day. I sometimes get down on myself and have always been very cognizant of my "bad" days. Hey, they happen right? As much as I've tried other methods, I haven't been able to perfect meditation and I can't stomach another self-help book.

With this in mind, I set out to find a quick fix to my temporary blues that I could easily incorporate into my daily life. Playing on the app store, I found Happy Not Perfect under a pile of wellness applications. The interface was easy to navigate and I couldn't help but notice how my mood improved  after just one use.


You'll Follow an Easy Step-by-Step Process Each Use

The app navigates you through seven steps that have been proven to boost happiness. The best part of all is that the seven exercises are actually fun, and you find yourself looking forward to them every day.  The first step is checking in on yourself by identifying your mood. This opening step always makes me reflect on what was at the root of my sad feelings.

Happy Not Perfect app

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After you've identified your mood, the app will prompt you to take a literal breather. Step three involves writing down what's bothering you and then setting a virtual fire to it. You drag your fingers across your phone screen and the virtual paper will burn right before your eyes. Talk about cathartic!

Happy Not Perfect app burn screen

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You'll Reframe Your Thoughts With a 'Mindfulness Game'

Step four involves reframing your mindset and replacing your worries with gratitude. The program will prompt you to write down a few things you're grateful for—and even just thinking about the positives in your life proves to be a mood-lifter, trust me!

Step five will get your mind off things with what they call a "mindfulness game." A virtual maze or art project will help your brainwaves flow and distract you from your stress. Step six involves giving yourself love by being compassionate or by completing a challenge. The app's final step asks you to send positive vibes to somebody you care for.

Happy Not Perfect app


You'll Get to Send Someone a Good 'Vibe'

Admittedly, step seven was my favorite to complete every time. Studies have found that those who think of others the most were happier, and the final step gives you the opportunity to make somebody's day by sending them a "vibe." Every single time I sent virtual vibes, the receiver on the other end was sweet and thankful. It sparked conversation and I ended up feeling closer to a handful of my friends and family as a result of these interactions.


You'll Be Surprised By Some of the Stress-Relieving Methods the App Teaches

"Creating a routine for your mind is the most important thing we can all be doing to feel happier, calmer and more balanced," says Poppy Jamie, the app's founder.

Her favorite method for quickly relieving stress and anxiety? Belly breathing! "The app will show you how to breathe and then guide you to release any worries," she says. "The app physically [releases worries] by allowing you to virtually set fire to your negative thoughts."

I was constantly amazed at how small steps made such an impact in my days and how these eased my way into happiness.

"Just like you brush your teeth or go for a run, your mind needs daily care," Poppy adds. "And that's why I created Happy Not Perfect—to make self-care easy."


The App Is Easy to Use Any Time of Day

Although feeling down can happen at any given hour, I think the app would be perfectly easy to use on the way to school, at break times or before bed. It also proved really helpful whenever I had an anxious moment or I just felt overwhelmed. Poppy says it's like "having a wise best friend in your pocket," and I have to agree.


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