Happyland Exclusive With Kat Mcnamara!

Kat McNamara and Shane Harper recorded the pilot for Happyland earlier this year, and now the show has been picked up by MTV!Happyland

During a recent interview with Kat regarding her awesome anti-bullying movie, Contest, Kat revealed a couple details about the upcoming show!

"It's for MTV and it's called Happyland" Kat McNamara told Sweety High in an exclusive interview. "It takes place in an amusement park and I play Harper, the fun and flamboyant best friend of Shane Harper's character, Ian."

Kat McNamara also told us that "There's a musical element to the show" and that it was "really fun." We totally can't wait to see exactly what that musical element is!

"We live and work at the park and get into crazy situations," Kat added.

We think that Happyland will be worth the wait!

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