Everything You Should Know About Actor and Musician Harrison Cone

With stunning talents as a singer-songwriter, actor and tap-dancer, Harrison Cone can really do it all.

We're huge fans of Harrison, which is why we asked him to open up to us and reveal some fun, personal facts about who he is and what matters to him. If you've always wanted to know everything there is to learn about this multitalented star, just keep reading.

Harrison Cone Man Crush Monday

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Name: Harrison Cone

Hometown: Englewood, Colorado

Birthday: Dec. 27

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

1. Harrison is an only child.

"I think it's made me very independent and outgoing, and also maybe a little more mature, because I couldn't depend on older siblings. Also, I think I felt closer to my parents and I think I bonded a lot more with them since I didn't have siblings."

-Harrison Cone

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2. The last song he had stuck in his head was "Loner" by Jumex.

"It's a great song, and I love that alternative rock-hip hop vibe. It really speaks to me because I'm going through a really hard breakup right now."

-Harrison Cone

3. He's a huge fan of both jazz music and poetry.

4. He says he's a bit of an early bird, as well as a night owl.

"I love waking up early, and that's what I love to do every day, but sometimes I have trouble waking up early and it's easier for me to stay up really late at night."

-Harrison Cone

5. His favorite foods and drinks include coconut water, coffee, Ruffles and fried chicken—though he doesn't indulge too much in fried chicken because he tries to eat healthy.

6. His favorite superheroes are Deadpool, Batman and Spider-Man.

7. How would Harrison describe himself in three words?

"I don't like describing myself because I think that is subjective and up to who perceives me, but I would say creative, unique and hardworking. I just try to be the best me I can be."

-Harrison Cone

8. Harrison doesn't eat dairy so he can't eat a lot of pizza, but he does have a few favorites when he does.

"I like sausage, pepperoni or vegetables—and even pineapple if I'm feeling crazy. But I love a really good New York pizza."

-Harrison Cone

9. His dream vacation would be a road trip through the United States to South America and/or Canada, or a road trip through Europe.

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