Magical Holiday Gifts for the Hardcore Harry Potter Fan in Your Life

Don't you ever wish you could cast a spell and the perfect holiday gifts for your friends would come into existence? Same.

Although we can't make gifts appear with the flick of a wand, we can help when it comes to selecting the perfect holiday gifts for your Harry Potter-obsessed besties.

Whether they prefer Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, we've got a present for them all.

Gryffindor Varsity Jacket: $45.29

This vintage-style varsity jacket is sure to impress the Gryffindor friend in your life. The gold emblem on the front and back of the jacket is truly stunning, and the cotton fabric is oh-so-soft. Ten points for Gryffindor!

Gryffindor Varsity Jacket

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Gryffindor Dad Hat: $16.99

This casual dad hat is just the thing to gift this season. Cute, totally chic and ideal for an intense game of quidditch.

Gryffindor quidditch cap

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Vintage Gryffindor Necklace: $9.06

Want something simple, but timeless for the Gryffindor in your life? This necklace will do just the trick.

Gryffindor vintage necklace

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Minimalist Gryffindor Poster: $8.41

If your bestie could use a little artwork to spruce up their bedroom walls, this is the minimalist painting you should gift them. Harry would approve.

Minimalist Gryffindor poster

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Personalized Leather Hufflepuff Notebook: $24

Any of your Hufflepuff-loving friends would surely covet this leather-bound personalized notebook.

Personalized leather notebook

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Hufflepuff House Candle: $12

How festive is the Hufflepuff-inspired candle? Even muggles like us can appreciate its almond pastry fragrance. Yum.

Hufflepuff house candle

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Hufflepuff Print: $5

Show your loyal bestie just how much you appreciate them with this clean print that will be the perfect addition to just about any wall space.

Hufflepuff print

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Hufflepuff Sweatshirt: $20

Regardless of whether or not your friend favors Hufflepuff colors, this Disney-inspired sweatshirt is everything. You should probably just snag one for yourself as well.

Hufflepuff Sweathshirt

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Ravenclaw Flair Pen: $8

For the Ravenclaw fan in your life, gift them this little piece of flair. The Deathly Hollows pin will be the perfect way for your fave HP fan to show pride for their house at all times.

Ravenclaw flair pen

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Ravenclaw Tote Bag: $18.54

This tote is totes cute. Punny, huh?

Ravenclaw Totebag

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Luna Lovegood Sweater: $35

Any Luna Lovegood fans in your life? Gift them this quirky sweater and you'll make their day.

Luna Lovegood sweatshirt

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Ravenclaw Print: $5.83

How trendy is this poster? Gift it to the Ravenclaw in your life who you know needs a little reminder of their wisdom and wit.

Ravenclaw print

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Slytherin Quill Pen: $22

This Slytherin quill pen is perfect for any wizard who loves to work hard and display their affection for HP all at once.

Slytherin pen

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Slytherin Laptop Decal: $3.60

Don't let your Slytherin friend let their love for their house go unnoticed. Give them this spooky decal and they can show their pride for their house when at school, at home or even at their local coffee shop.

Slytherin laptop decal

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Slytherin Colorblock Poster: $4

For the Slytherin who needs some encouragement, this is the perfect print.

Slytherin color block poster

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Slytherin House Crest Pillow: $16.95

And finally, if you have an HP-obsessed friend who needs some extra flair in their room, gift them this adorable crest pillow that will act as an excellent topper for their bed!

Slytherin House Crest Pillow

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