We Know Who Your Real-Life Heroine Should Be Based on Your Fave Female Harry Potter Character

It's a good week for Harry Potter fans.

In case you Muggles missed it, we got a peek at some of the actors who will be characters in the new Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage play. Oh, happy day! ????

In light of the uber-exciting reveal, we thought we'd shed some light on what your fave HP female heroine says about who you are as an individual and who you should consider to be your modern-day heroine.

Scroll below to find your new role model!


You Love????: Hermione Granger, the typical 'Type A' overachiever

Your Real-Life Heroine Should Be: Brittany Stinson, the girl genius

If you love Hermione, you should look up to Brittany Stinson

(via Warner Bros. and Facebook)

If Hermione is your fave character, then chances are, you're a little bit of a perfectionist. You like to get things done quickly and efficiently, and you put all your efforts into your school work.

If you're looking for a modern-day heroine to hold in the same respect at Hermione, Brittany Stinson is your girl. She wrote a college essay about Costco that got her into five Ivy League schools and Stanford, nbd. Hermione would be proud.


You Love????: Luna Lovegood, the slightly flighty free spirit

Your Real-Life Heroine Should Be: Dimitra Milan, the bold new artist

Luna Lovegood and artist Instagrammer Dimitra Milan

(via Warner Bros. and @dimitramilan)

In the book series and movies, Luna is known for giving off a distinct aura of craziness, but that doesn't mean we don't love her. She's a nonconformist who does as she pleases, and because she's your female character of choice, we bet you have a similar mentality!

If you love Luna, then you'd absolutely adore Dimitra Milan, a 16-year-old Greek artist who expresses herself through her unique artwork. She's got a carefree Luna-vibe that you won't be able to shake. Check out her work HERE.


You Love????: Ginny Weasley, the confident female who knows how to handle pesky brothers

Your Real-Life Heroine Should Be: Rydel Lynch, the self-assured R5 member

If you love Ginny Weasel, you should look up to R5's Rydel Lynch

(via Warner Bros. and @rydelr5)

Ginny Weasley is a girl who can definitely hang with the guys. She does have six older brothers, after all. If Ginny is your character of choice, chances are you are just as fearless, athletic and sociable as her.

Rydel Lynch is Ginny's real-life equivalent, and a total role model. She works seamlessly with her brothers and fellow musicians in R5, but at the same time she's self-reliant.


You Love????: Nymphadora Tonks, the friendly, outgoing and slightly spunky girl

Your Real-Life Heroine Should Be: Tallia Storm, the Scottish soul singer who is not afraid to stand out

Tonks from Harry Potter and Tallia Storm

(via Warner Bros. and @tallia_storm)

You picked Tonks because you are all about being quirky. You don't always need to blend in with the crowd, and you realize that you're less than perfect! You embrace your clumsiness and unique sense of humor just as Tonks does.

If you admire Tonks, you need to put Tallia Storm on your radar immediately. This singer who was discovered by Elton John, is your spirit animal. She's bold, she's brave and her music is empowering. Take a listen HERE. We know this song would be Tonks-approved.


You Love????: Fleur Delacour, the charming fashionista

Your Real-Life Heroine Should Be: Maya Ramirez, the talented young designer

Fleur from Harry Potter and Maya Ramirez from Project Runway Junior

(via Warner Bros. and @maya_r_ramirez)

Fleur is a stunning girl who can mesmerize almost anyone. You've chosen her character because you too are elegant and glamorous. Like Fleur, at times you are mistaken for being shy or cold, but that's only because you don't open up to people immediately.

If you're looking for a real-life fashionista icon, Maya Ramirez, winner of season one of Project Runway Junior, is the girl for you. Her work ethic and poise is what helped her succeed, and like Fleur, she has a naturally amiable aura. She's a fashion superstar if you ask us.


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