Get the Scoop on These Magical Harry Potter Makeup Brushes From the Creators Themselves

Just weeks ago, Erin, Mandy and Missy Maynard, sisters, triplets (yep!) and creators of Storybook Cosmetics, announced their first beauty product—Harry Potter wand-inspired makeup brushes.

Truly magical. Don't believe us, see for yourself:

Harry Potter Wand-Inspired Makeup Brushes

We had the opportunity to chat with one of the three sisters, Erin Maynard, about the magical products and discover how their love of fandom and cosmetics collided into one joint effort.

Scroll below to see where it all started.

Combing a franchise like Harry Potter with beauty, is quite literally a genius idea. Erin said that it was an easy decision for them to make these products because it was an obvious merge of the sisters' two obsessions.

Erin vividly remembers the moment the girls thought up the product. She explained, "Missy said, 'Makeup brush wands?' and Mandy and I replied with 'Yep.' And it was settled."

Although we're amped as can be for these brushes, we couldn't help but ask Erin if any other Harry Potter-themed products were in the pipeline for Storybook Cosmetics.

"We are working on a 'witchcraft and wizardry' line," Erin revealed. "I wouldn't classify it as Harry Potter, but rather an ode to all the wizard stories we love."

Eeeek, we can't wait to get our hands on these brushes and the rest of the enchanting beauty supplies the Maynards will be sending our way! If you want to pre-order the brushes yourself, you can do that HERE.


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