This Sorting Hat Bath Bomb Will Decide Your Hogwarts House Once and For All

Getting sorted into the correct Hogwarts house is serious business, and we can't tell you how many extra times we've taken the Pottermore quiz just to be sure.

Want to settle it once and for all? You can with the help of this bath bomb by creator Rebecca Lynn.

Rebecca's unique idea has existed for a while, and since she first posted an image of one of these bath bombs to her Instagram account in September of last year, the design has changed slightly. Initially, it was a white ball with red, yellow, blue and green stripes, each representing a different house. Later, she fine-tuned the design to become a white ball featuring Harry's signature lightning bolt scar.

Just toss a bomb into your bath and the white exterior will fizzle away to reveal your house. Yellow means you're Hufflepuff, blue signifies Ravenclaw, red represents Gryffindor and green symbolizes Slytherin.

They're super simple to use—if you can get your hands on one, that is. Apparently, these beauties sell out fast, and unfortunately, her shop link is currently unavailable.

Of course we'll be keeping an eye on her shop to see when they might be available again and updating here when that happens.


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