You Won't Believe Your Eyes When You See This Fantastical Lip Art

Our jaws dropped to the floor when we stumbled upon makeup artist @missjazminad on Instagram.

She creates incredible lip art that we would seriously consider putting in a museum alongside the Mona Lisa.

Keep scrolling to see some of our fave creations she's painted on her lips with some lipstick and glitter:


1. Nailed it!

She somehow found a way to perfectly match her lips to her nails. We're living for the chic marble treatment she did on her puckers. Gorg!

A photo posted by @missjazminad on


2. You're lip art, Harry.

Have you ever seen anything as creative as this? We highly doubt it.

A photo posted by @missjazminad on


3. The stars align

This short clip of her constructing the galaxy on her lips is mesmerizing to watch.

A video posted by @missjazminad on


4. We want to be where this lip design is.

Ariel may have just become our favorite Disney princess after seeing this magical creation. How'd she even do it though?

A photo posted by @missjazminad on


5. Welcome to New York

The New York City skyline just reached a whole new level of beauty.

A photo posted by @missjazminad on


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