The Harry Potter x Torrid Collection Is Here, and It's as Amazing as You'd Expect

Torrid delivered again, this time gifting us with a Harry Potter collection we simply can't get enough of!

The new line of merchandise, which is now available online and in stores, features everything from sweatshirts and activewear to handbags and even rompers. The best part is, the collection is designed with every type of Harry Potter fan in mind.Harry-Potter-and-the-Sorcerers-Stone-Warner-Bros-articleH-061518

(Harry Potter via Warner Bros.)

If you're looking for something subtle, you might enjoy the Marauder's Map Scuba Skirt. The comfy item boasts a black and beige print that's bound to go with just about anything in your closet, and you can easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion.Harry-Potter-x-Torrid-Marauders-Map-Skirt-Torrid-articleV-061518

(via Torrid)

Another one of our favorite items is the Hufflepuff Suspender Skirt. Not only is this cute skirt perfect for the summer months, but it's also designed in Hufflepuff's iconic canary yellow and black colors, so everyone will know where your loyalties lie. And that's not all! The skirt, which has pockets, features a graphic of the House Animal—the badger—with the world "Hufflepuff" written beneath it.Harry-Potter-x-Torrid-Hufflepuff-Suspender-Skirt-Torrid-articleV-061518

(via Torrid)

However, if you fancy yourself more of a smart and sassy Ravenclaw, the Suspender Skirt also comes in the colors of that house—blue and bronze—and features a graphic of a raven.

Last but not least, we've totally got our eye on the Gryffindor Outfit Crossbody. The black bag with red and gold accents is big enough to hold all of your summer essentials, but not so large that it will weigh you down. What's more? The crossbody strap is removable, meaning you could transform it into a clutch in the blink of an eye.Harry-Potter-x-Torrid-Gryffindor-Outfit-Crossbody-articleV-061518

(via Torrid)

The entire Harry Potter x Torrid collection is currently on sale, so go ahead and stock up before your favorites sell out!


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