Harry Styles Is Our Man Crush Monday, and You'll Never Guess Why!

There are a billion reasons to be in love with Harry Styles (the magic he works on Made In the A.M. is just one of them), but the reason he's our Man Crush Monday today isn't his voice, his smile, OR that fabulous, fabulous hair. You may not know it, but Harry is kind of a gender equality icon, just in case you needed another reason for Harry to be #MCM every week!

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Just going to go ahead and brag about this Sweety High encounter with Harry (and the rest of One Direction, WE MISS YOU ZAYN), and the fact that empowering women was the topic of conversation the whole night.


harry styles he for she campaign

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And when Emma Watson asked all of the guys out there to support equal rights for women, Harry was one of the first to answer the call. He's a massive supporter of #HeForShe, which is a good thing because millions of girls around the world are such big supporters of him.


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Plus, this painted fingernail made more than just a fashion statement. His mini mani was for the Put The Nail In It campaign against violence toward women. And it looked super fierce, too.


harry styles with his mom and sister gemma

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Harry was raised around girls, so he knows what's up. "I grew up with just my mum and sister, so I respect women a lot."


harry styles stop violence against women

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And just last week, Harry took this photo to support Stop Violence Against Women!


Last but definitely not least, Harry was a part of our fave female empowerment anthem by guys "Girl Almighty." He didn't actually write the song per say, but just listen and tell us it doesn't make you feel like taking on the world.


If Harry's march for gender equality is giving you life, we're positive you're going to die over these #Throwback pics of 1D!