6 Hair Transformations That Give Us Hope for Harry Styles' New Do

Change can be good, and lately it appears celebs are all about mixing up their hair length and style! ?

Our boy Harry Styles took to social media last week to reveal a jaw-dropping move. He chopped off his luscious locks (luckily for a good cause). Some fans are heartbroken, some are ecstatic but most are just super excited about the reveal photo! The anticipation is insane.

Since we can't see Harry's beautiful transformation quite yet, let's take a look at five other totally noteworthy hair transformations to hold us over. Click and drag the slider on the pics below!


1. Justin Bieber recently ditched his dreads for a clean, buzzed look! We're not complaining.


2. Zayn Malik transformed his shaggy hairstyle into this trim, sleek and short look over the past year. We're fans. 


3. Jack Griffo recently said buh-bye to his spikey do and went for a short look – are we sensing a trend here?!


4. Actress Gina Rodriguez  went from long locks to this edgy half-shaved style last week. Can you say brave?


5. Emma Roberts chopped her long blonde hair after finishing the first season of Scream Queens earlier this year – we think she totally rocks the bob flawlessly. 

6. In Feb., Zendaya sported this long style on the left, and then only six days later showed off this short/temporary look on the right. Holy transformation.


So, Harry Styles, what can we expect for your after picture? Buzzed, bald, a little bit of length? We need to know!


Are you feeling like switching up your hair now?! We don't blame you, these celebs have given us the courage to change things up. See who else we go to for hair inspo HERE.