Here's How We Styled One Trendy Hat Three Different Ways

We love any excuse to accessorize with a hat, and when we find a versatile style, we just can't put it down.

(Quality) hats can be pretty pricey, so if we're able to get multiple uses out of just one solid piece, it takes us to great heights. That's why, when Tenth Street Hats let us select the hat of our choice out of their array of selections, we went with their Venice straw fedora in black.

We had a feeling we could do a lot with this bad boy, and we were right. In honor of National Hat Day on Wed., Jan. 15, we're showing you how we wore one hat three different ways.


(via Tenth Street Hats)


This hat is an edgy add-on to an otherwise laid-back look. We paired a blue flannel and vintage concert tee with sunnies and our fave fedora to create a fashion-forward ensemble.




Nothing completes a cozy winter look quite like this hat. The sunnies add some vibrancy to an otherwise simple white sweater, while the fedora ties the look together, giving it some sass.




And for the girls night out, it's a no-brainer we'd opt to dress things up a bit by incorporating this hat into our black sweater-gold pants ensemble.



Are dad hats much more your vibe than fedoras? If so, THESE are the ones for you!