Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that it’s great to work up a sweat, but does it have to be by way of cardio?!

Over the last year, I’ve taken up hot yoga because I essentially get a sweat freebie. I feel great afterwards, I perspire more than any cardio workout—and the kicker? I didn’t have to force myself to go.

Seriously, I cannot stand cardio, regardless of its form. I’ve tried everything from women’s Crossfit to triathlon training, and nope, not my thing. Dancing in front of my mirror to Kesha is about all you’ll get out of me when it comes to this type of exercise.

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If you’re with me when it comes to this strong distaste, then you’ll totally relate to the seven truths below:

1. Your jaw drops every time you see someone casually jogging down the street. How do they actually enjoy that? And how do they make it look so easy?!

2. If you had to pick a major sport to play, it’d be baseball or softball. Occasionally running from base to base can’t hurt ya, right?

Softball in grass

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3. In P.E., whenever you’re assigned a run to get warmed up for class, you’re always walking and you’re always the last one to finish.

4. You’re willing to take the stairs instead of an elevator, but you know darn well you’ll write that off as your workout for the day.

5. Walking up a hill. No, just no.

6. Hikes are beautiful and all, but while your friends want to use it as casual time to catch up and gossip, you can’t keep focus on the conversation because you’re too busy huffing and puffing.

tired girl goes hiking

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7. You can love to walk everywhere and still be a cardio-hater.

8. There’s no such thing as enough water when cardio is involved.

girl at gym chugs water

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