How I Conquered My Fear of Haunted Houses

Confession time: I'm a huge scaredy cat.

I've always shied away from scary movies and never opened funny videos my friends would send me for fear that there was a jump scare at the end. I love Halloween, but would always get nervous when someone recommended a haunted hayride or festive film marathon.

Last year, I went to a local theme park's Halloween attraction. There were about 10 haunted houses to walk through and "scare zones" where there was heavy fog and the actors would jump out to spook you.

house in the foggy woods
(via Pexels)

As we arrived at the park, my heart started pounding. Being scared makes you feel vulnerable, and it's hard to have fun when you're insecure. I spent every second screaming my head off from the time I stepped into the first haunted house, until I ran out the exit. But, by the last haunted house (and yes, I did them all!), I was having a great time. So how did I do it?

There are a few tips and tricks I learned to help you overcome your fear of haunted houses and enjoy Halloween a whole lot more. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Learn Their Tricks

If you look scared, the actors in haunted houses will single you out as an easy target. It may be difficult, but keep a straight face and try not to scream! The actors legally can't touch you, so even if it looks like they are about to run after you with a chainsaw, you're in no actual danger.


Bring a Brave Friend

Having a friend who will hold your hand and walk ahead down a spooky corridor will make you brave enough to conquer any fear. Plus, you'll have the memories of seeing them get spooked while you got to stand behind them in the safe zone.


Face Your Fears

You won't conquer your fears unless you face the scariness head-on. After a while, haunted houses will stop being scary and just become fun.


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