These Adorbs New Disney Princess-Themed Flip-Flops Are Super Inspiring

Stop everything you're doing because Havaianas just released these rad princess-themed flip-flops.

Not only are these summer must-haves super adorable, but each pair has inherent inspiration. Whether you're looking for motivation, wisdom or just some overall empowerment, they got you. See what we mean below:


Cinderella is proof that shoes can literally transform your life. With the right pair, a girl can basically do anything. Yes, they're flip-flops, but that doesn't mean you won't still look fabulous in them. Get them here!

Cinderella Flip-Flops

(via Havaianas)



Coming in with the wisdom, these Belle flip-flops remind us that there's beauty in everything if we're willing to look for it. We're mostly talking about the ice cream shop down the street, but you know, in a lot of other places, too. Grab a pair here!

Belle Flip-Flops

(via Havaianas)


Snow White

Be the ultimate adventurer in the Snow White print of these shoes. The time is now to try new things and go new places. You definitely have to wear these on your next summer adventure. Find them here.

Snow White Flip-Flops

(via Havaianas)


But waitthese are just a few upcoming summer essentials we swear by. If you need even more amazing and unique accessories in your life this season, click HERE.