What You HAVE to Know About Singer-Songwriter HAVEN

Pop singer-songwriter HAVEN is no stranger to the music world.

She's been touring the country since she was 15, beginning her career as a talented country artist before transiting to become a pop powerhouse. We are completely in love with her music, and if you've ever wanted to know everything about HAVEN, you've come to the right place.

Haven Woman Crush Wednesday

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Hometown: Moville, Iowa

Birthday: April 28

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. HAVEN's favorite movie genre is rom-coms.

"Scary movies stress me out too much. I love watching shows that make me laugh!"


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2. She's learned quite the life lesson in the last year.

"I think the most important thing I've learned this year is to enjoy the journey and find happiness in each season of it. I think sometimes I have this picture in my mind of where I want to be, and I spend so much time thinking about it that I don't enjoy where I'm at right now. So I've really learned to enjoy the process, be patient and work hard."


3. Her favorite superhero is Spider-Man.

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4. Not many people know about HAVEN's love of sports.

"I'm usually in the studio writing all the time, but I absolutely love being outside playing sports or watching sports. It's my second love!"


5. She couldn't live without the Spotify app.

"I am a total music lover and would be so lost if I couldn't pull up my favorite song or playlist on my phone."


6. Her go-to pizza orders are pepperoni or barbecue chicken pizza.

7. Growing up, HAVEN was inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

"She was beautiful, confident and everything I wanted to be. She was my favorite princess."


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8. Her favorite Disney villain is Cruella de Vil, and she loves Cruella's theme song.

9. If they made a movie about HAVEN's life, she'd love for Anna Kendrick to play her.


Listen to HAVEN's single, "Swimming In Your Feelings," HERE.


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