Having a Boring Hair Day? Try THIS On For Style!

In a hair rut? We have the solution! Mix up your everyday look with this romantic style!

Here's how to pull off the do:

Start by separating a 3 inch section of hair from one side – pin this up so it's out of your way for now.

Use a 1 inch curling iron on a 1 inch section of hair – continue this all the way around your hair.

Take down the section you pinned up earlier. Braid this section all the way down (if you have bangs, it's okay to leave them out of the braid).

Drape the braid across the middle of your scalp and pin tightly on the other side (Tip! If you are having a difficult time bobby-pinning so the braid stays intact, you can always use a hairband at the end of your braid before pinning up).

If your hair is short, you can pin any hair that sticks out from the bottom of the braid underneath the rest of your hair. If your hair is long, the rest of the braid should drape down naturally into your hair.

Test out this hairstyle and post pictures of your gorgeous new locks on Sweety High!