Use These Memorable Quotes From Marvel's Hawkeye As Your Next Instagram Caption

Marvel'Hawkeye has just concluded on Disney+, and we are floored.

The series has been everything we wanted, with its grounded approach, bold action and, of course, the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld as our new favorite heroine, Kate Bishop. And would it be a spoiler to mention the series also saw a return of beloved heroes and villains in recent episodes? Either way, keep reading for our favorite lines from the show that double as great Instagram captions—but be warned, there may be a spoiler or two ahead.

For the too-hot outfit that's gotten you into trouble in the past:

"When I wore this suit, I made a whole lot of enemies."

-Clint Barton


For the photo that shows you know exactly how to get all of the likes and comments:

"Your problem is branding."

-Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Kate Bishop and Clint Barton

(Hawkeye via Disney+)


For subposting about that girl who finds you super intimidating:

"She feels threatened by me, and you know what? I can understand why."

-Jack Duquesne


For when you're being the cautious mom friend:

"You're gonna be alive, because of me."

-Clint Barton


For your not perfect but still amazing boy:

"He is not perfect. Nobody's perfect. But he is good."

-Kate Bishop


For that shot of you blending right into your surroundings:

"My job is to be, No. 1, a ghost."

-Clint Barton


For the pic of you during your end-of-the-year volunteering:

"We're saving the holidays."

-Kate Bishop

Hawkeye Kate Bishop in Snow

(Hawkeye via Disney+)


For the shot of you and your bestie bonding over your very niche fixations:

"Oh, but, dear, I think a common interest is very fertile ground for bonding."

-Jack Duquesne


For when you help someone you care about out of a jam:

"Your mess is my mess. I'm not going anywhere until this is finished."

-Clint Barton


For when your secret talents make you the big winner:

"To be fair, I did downplay my skill and repeatedly lie about it."

-Jack Duquesne


For the selfie with your favorite pooch:

"Probably should walk the dog, don't you think? Been cooped up all day."

-Clint Barton

Hawkeye lucky the pizza dog

(Hawkeye via Disney+)


For when you've made a conscious effort to do good:

"We are defined by what we do."

-Yelena Belova

Hawkeye yelena and kate bishop in elevator

(Hawkeye via Disney+)


For that random act of bravery and kindness:

"You showed me that being a hero isn't just for people who can fly or shoot lasers out of their hands. It's for anyone who's brave enough to do what's right, no matter the cost."

―Kate Bishop


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