Hayden Summerall's 'Different' Music Video Starring Tegan Marie Is SO Cute

Hayden Summerall released a new music video. We repeat: Hayden Summerall released a new music video.

If you haven't had the chance to watch it yet, it needs to be bumped to the top of your priority list. The video, set to the tune of his new single "Different," follows Hayden as he skates around Venice Beach, singing about a girl he just can't stop thinking about. And who's that girl, you ask? None other than our country star obsession, Tegan Marie.

In the video, Tegan is seen enjoying at day at the beach with her pals, Amira Harvey and Caitlin Carmichael, when she catches Hayden's eye. The two exchange Snapchats and their relationship is all decided from there, at least from Hayden's perspective.

"Baby, I'm tired of walking around without you on my arm. I've gotta get to you somehow, can't let you slip away," Hayden sings as Tegan heads off with her friends. What follows is a cute Snapchat exchange that has Hayden searching the beach for his dream girl.

The video ends with a beautiful reunion, as Hayden, Johnny Orlando and Rush Holland meet up with the girls for a bonfire. Of course, after a few yummy-looking s'mores, Tegan and Hayden walk off into the sunset together.

Could this duo be meant to be? We're definitely feeling some sparks, and not just from the bonfire, but only time will tell. For now, you can find us watching this video on repeat.


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