Which Unique Pair of Tech Headphones Is Right for You?

Music is life—and you need the right pair of headphones to get through it.

But with literally hundreds of headphone models out there, it can be tough to land on the right pair for your own personal style, needs and budget. We tried out a few awesome pairs to help you find exactly the right ones for you.


Coloud No. 8 Headphones: $29.95

Sometimes on-ear headphones can be heavy on your head. If you've ever gotten a headache from wearing bulky headphones, Coloud's No. 8 might be the perfect pair for you.

Coloud Headphones With Band

In addition to being super lightweight, they have a built-in mic for phone calls, plus a three-click remote on the cord that lets you play and pause music or answer calls, plus skip ahead or reverse your tunes. Plus, it's got a handy loop system that allows for folding up the cord completely tangle-free.

Coloud Headphones Wrapped Cord

And if you're not into the cushy band design of the headphones, it slides right off for an even sleeker, lighter look. If you're on the hunt for an inexpensive, great-sounding pair of headphones that will never squish your head, these are definitely worth a try.

Coloud Headphones Without Band


Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earbuds: $199.95

We'll admit these earbuds are a little pricey, but if you're a serious athlete, not just any old headphones will do. They need to be cordless. They need to stay firmly in your ears even on the move. They need to be sweat-proof. And, most importantly, they need to sound good. These headphones tick every one of those boxes, and more.Freedom Jaybird Headphones Overall

First off, the ear fins make these earbuds both comfy and extremely secure. Each pair of earbuds comes with four sets of fins, so you'll get a snug fit regardless of your ear size. Plus, you get three sets of rubber ear tips and three sets of foam ones for extra sweaty workouts, so you'll be prepared for pretty much any listening situation life throws your way.

Jarbird Freedom Earbuds

These earbuds connect to your devices wirelessly through Bluetooth (so they're totally compatible with iPhone 7) and loop comfortably behind your neck so they won't get lost. You can check the charge on your battery, play music and answer calls wirelessly as well. The headphones hold a charge for about four hours, but with the help of the charging clip, battery can last twice that long.

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Charger

All of it fits into one handy carrying case. For maximum enjoyment, you can also download the Freedom MySound app to customize your sound settings based on your preferences. If you've got an active lifestyle but can't stand to be separated from your music, these might be the best bang for your buck.


Freedom Jaybird Earbuds Carrying Case


Beyerdynamic Custom Street Headphones: $149

If you're serious about music, you need a pair of headphones that will play back your audio with crystal clarity, like Beyerdynamic's Custom Street headphones.

Custom Street Headphones

Unlike most headphones, there's a slider built right into these that let you access different sound profiles in an instant, with different levels of bass available depending on the sound you want. And if you want to share your music, it has two separate ports, so you can use one to plug into the source of your music, and plug a second pair of headphones in so a friend can listen in, too. With the push of a button, you can also pick up calls and start your music when they're plugged into your phone.Custom Street Headphones in Case

On-ear headphones tend not to be super portable. Luckily for you, these ones fold up conveniently into a specially designed carrying case that will fit right into most backpacks and large bags.

Custom Street Headphones Discs

True to the name, Custom Street headphones are also visually customizable. They come with 16 sets of discs to customize your headphones' look, complete with a little Allen wrench to secure them in place.

Custom Street Customizable Headphones

The resulting look is pretty impressive. If you're ready to drop $150 on a standout pair of on-ear headphones, give Custom Street a shot.


Yatra Music Muffs: $39.99

Adorable, cozy earmuffs that also double as awesome headphones? Yes please!

Music Muffs Headphone Earmuffs

Before you plug in the braided cord, these look just like a cute standard pair of faux fur earmuffs. But once you plug them in, they transform into a super comfortable pair of headphones that plays audio with surprisingly high quality. The cord also has a volume adjustment slider, plus a button to play music, answer calls and more. They're perfect for looking stylish while staying warm, especially on a cold day or in an over-air conditioned classroom or office.

Music Muffs Headphone Earmuffs with cord


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