Curious About the Healing Power of Crystals? This Is Your Crash Course

Crystals have been around since the beginning of time.

But it feels as though more recently, tons of people have been turning to them for their magical powers.

Curious by nature, I've always been intrigued as to how these gems and stones work to heal your body of ailments or bring love into your life. So I did what anyone would do and I visited a crystal shop. More specifically, I checked out Crystalarium in West Hollywood, California. And, boy, did I learn there is so much more to crystals than meets the eye.

Crystalarium crystal shop in West Hollywood, California

When I first walked in, I felt like a kid in a candy store. There were crystals galore, all different shapes, sizes and colors.

Because I was totally new to this whole experience, I asked one of the employees a few questions to get myself more acquainted with the stones. What I learned will definitely help any of you who are interested in knowing more about what lies beneath the surface of these wondrous gems.

Different types of crystals stacked on shelves

I first learned that all of the crystals in this shop in particular were naturally made. South Africa is from where most of them were extracted. A majority of the amethyst came from Brazil specifically. Can you imagine just stumbling upon one of these beauties? That would be pretty amazing.

I then asked if there's any particular meaning behind the various shapes of the crystals. The employee informed me that the different shapes represent how the energy from the stone will be transmitted. If it has a point, it will give off its energy from that direction only. If it's circular, its energy will escape from all directions. But just because a circular crystal has more ways to shoot out energy, doesn't mean it gives off any more or less energy than a pointed one.

A group of spherical green crystals sitting on a clear shelf

The employee also revealed that there are a variety of ways you can receive this energy. From wearing the crystal to keeping it near you at all times, there's no right or wrong way to absorb your crystals energy. It really all depends on what you think will work best for you.

But let's skip to the part you all are most interested in—how do crystals actually help you?

There are more than 200 different types of crystals, so I won't bore you by revealing what every single type does. Generally speaking, the color of the stone aligns with one of your seven different chakras, each representing a different part of your body, to heal you in a variety of ways. You can see on the chart below which colors correlate to the chakras.

Chakra chart

The one note the Crystalarium employee gave to me that I think everyone should know is that rather than seeking out a stone, you should let it find you. If you don't feel any sort of energy radiating from the stone, then its healing energy is not what you need in your life at the moment. It's difficult to explain, but you'll feel it when it happens.

Taking the employee's advice, I walked around the shop to find the one that was calling me.

I ended up feeling a bit of a spark when I stopped in front of a group of orange, yellow and red spherical shaped crystals. The one that caught my eye was the little gem right in front.

A group of orange, yellow and red spherical crystals

Once I held it in my palm, I knew it was the one for me.

I discovered it was a Jasper and learned it helps bring tranquility in times of stress. I am one of these people who gets stressed out over the tiniest of things, so I found it hilariously fitting that this crystal found its way into my life.

I purchased my crystal almost instantly, as well as a book titled The Crystal Bible to learn more about all the different types of crystals. It's definitely a book I'd recommend checking out if you want to familiarize yourself with what these have to offer.

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall book and an Ocean Jasper crystal

After leaving Crystalarium, I felt so calm and relaxed. Being in that store for a bit of time refreshed my energy and left me feeling like a new person.

If Crystalarium isn't anywhere close to you, try searching for crystal shops that are in your area so you can experience their powers for yourself.


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