6 Health-Related Resolutions (That Aren't About Losing Weight)

In the not-so-distant past, it felt like every New Year's resolution was based around one particular thing: losing weight.

While we'd like to think we've come a long way since the days of crash diets and fad exercise plans designed to help "burn fat and increase your metabolism," the influence of toxic diet culture is still very much alive and well.

If you're someone who is actually trying to prioritize your health, you might be feeling the weight of this a lot harder than most. However, your weight and your health are two mostly unrelated things, so you aren't without ideas when it comes to crafting some health-related resolutions that actually have little to nothing to do with the number you see when you step on a scale. Here are some you might want to add to your own list for the upcoming year:

1. Be Active for At Least 30 Minutes a Day

Fun fact: moving your body is good for you for so many reasons, regardless of how many calories you're burning. When you separate exercise from weight loss, you might actually start to see it as something you enjoy, and this can benefit your mental and physical health in so many ways. It doesn't need to be a major change, either, which is why you can start with a goal of simply being active for at least half an hour every day.

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2. Eat Less Meat

If you need to make this a quantifiable goal in order to make it more achievable, you can always start by trying out "Meatless Mondays" until you get used to figuring out some solid plant-based meal options. This resolution isn't just beneficial to your physical health, as it can also be good for your wallet, too, thanks to the typically cheaper cost of meatless meals.


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3. Go to Bed Earlier

Whether you realize it or not, sleep is important, and while you might think it's fine to skip out on extra hours of shuteye while you're young, all those hours spent scrolling on TikTok and texting your crush when you should have been snoozing can catch up to you in some unpleasant ways. Your phone can wait, so just try to get at least a decent seven hours of sleep per night.

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4. Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs is a simple resolution, yes, but it's important nonetheless. When you focus on small activity-related tasks, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, you're subconsciously focusing more on things that make you healthier, even if they aren't always the easy option, and this positive influence can begin to bleed into the rest of your life as well.


5. Make Water Your Go-To Beverage

Save yourself some cash and prevent a nasty sugar rush while you're at it by opting for water instead of sugary beverages at any opportunity possible. To make this goal a bit easier, you can always purchase a fun water bottle that encourages you to hydrate more often.

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6. Cook More Meals at Home

If you're the kind of person who relies on takeout or eating out for most of your meals, cooking more meals at home should be one of the first resolutions you make. You'd be surprised how many bad-for-you ingredients are included in the food you might get at a restaurant, and cooking at home helps you to still enjoy some delicious creations without all the salt, oil and other unwanted ingredients.


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