7 Things Healthy Couples Never Do On Instagram

How you act on Instagram says a lot about your relationship.

Although certain couples don't seem to care about their online behavior, healthy couples know that their social media conduct is important to the overall health of their relationship.

If you want to be part of one of those picture-perfect romances, keep scrolling for seven things healthy couples never do on Instagram.

Post Incessantly

Everyone knows that couple—the ones who can't stop posting about each other. They're always talking about how in looovvee they are and they manage to turn every mundane outing into a reason to gush about the amazingness of the other person. The thing about these couples, however, is they're not often very happy. If you constantly have to tell everyone how amazing your relationship is, chances are it's not that amazing. Couples who post about each other incessantly feel like they have something to prove to the rest of the world.

Healthy couples, on the other hand, know they can be entirely happy without telling everyone how happy they are. While healthy couples post about each other often, they don't feel the need to shove their relationship in everyone's face. They're content in their romance and they don't need constant public praise to prove they've got a good thing going on.

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Post Private Information

Instagram is an awesome place to share elements of your life. However, there's a limit to what you should share online. Healthy couples know that the private details of their relationship should never go up on the 'gram. They never post about things their partner told them in confidence, and they certainly don't advertise their arguments online. Instead, they allow parts of their relationship to stay between the two of them, as it should be.


Pressure Each Other to Post

Posting couple photos on Instagram is huge topic of conversation in relationships. How soon should you post? Is it a red flag if your partner refuses to post about you? Should you ask your partner to put up a couple picture?

Fortunately, these problems don't plague healthy couples. Strong partners don't need to pressure each other to post on their Instagram. For one, most healthy couples post about their relationship without being asked. In addition, healthy couples don't assign too much meaning to the frequency of their partner's posts. They feel confident in their relationship and they don't need the validation of an Instagram post to feel like they're a strong couple.


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Value Instagram More Than Real-Life

Some couples focus far too much on what their relationship looks like online. They certainly value their partner, but the majority of their posts are just an attempt to boost their status and show everyone how happy they are. The posts don't really mean anything to them. Instead, they're just a way to create a picture-perfect online relationship, no matter what their relationship might be like in real life.

Healthy couples don't attach more value to Instagram than they do to their real-life romance. If their Instagram looks good, that's awesome. In truth, however, they're more concerned with what their relationship is like behind closed doors. If they feel like their relationship with their partner is strong, they don't really care about what it looks like online.


Monitor Each Other's Activity

If you're looking for it, you can always find some kind of problem with your S.O.'s social media. Sure, you should be aware of red flags, but you shouldn't be stalking their activity waiting for something to go wrong. For example, monitoring their followers list or checking every person who likes their post will always breed some kind of worry, even if their activity is entirely innocent.

Healthy couples don't go looking for trouble on each other's social media. They know that their partnership is strong, so they don't need to monitor each other's social activity, looking for issues where they aren't any. They allow their partner to run their own Instagram and trust that they're doing the right thing.

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Flirt With Other People

This should be a no-brainer, but healthy couples don't use their Instagram to flirt with other people. Even dropping a fire emoji on a random thirst trap is unthinkable for healthy couples. Healthy couples value their partner too much to do anything that might compromise their relationship. Even though they're confident that their partner won't invade their privacy, they keep all their social media activity on the up-and-up, simply out of respect for the person they're with.


Compare Themselves to Other Couples

It's hard not to compare yourself to people you see online. Everyone looks so perfect on Instagram, and it often feels like you're a total failure in comparison. While you can feel that jealousy about other people's lives on an individual note, it can also affect your relationships. Seeing perfect couples online might make you feel like your relationship isn't as good, and therefore isn't worth continuing.

Healthy couples, however, know that they can't compare themselves to an online partnership. They realize that their relationship is special, unique and full of its own ups and downs. It might not look like an online romance, but it's perfect in its own way. Healthy couples have the confidence to know that their relationship is good without comparing themselves to other people.


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