Nutritionist Shares 3 Healthy Eating Clichés That Are Actually True

There are plenty of myths and straight-up untrue information floating around about healthy eating habits, but there are also cases when we should believe what we read.

We reached out to Mascha Davis MPH, RDN, who is a Private Practice Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, founder of and author of the newly released book Eat Your Vitamins.

The expert shared some insight into what's worth giving our attention, when it comes to food and nutrition. Keep reading for three major eating clichés that are actually true.

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Sweety High: What are some general clichés about healthy eating that are actually true?

Mascha Davis: It's all about moderation. Eating a balanced diet really is key and there's not one way that's perfect for everybody. It's not what we eat, but how much—so a little bit of cake won't harm you, just as a little bit of salad does not make your diet healthy!

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Sweety High: What are underrated foods that really are as good for you as claimed to be?

MD: Spinach, seeds, tomatoes, yogurt, nuts, whole grains, canned fish. All of these are highly nutrient-dense and easy to incorporate into your diet.


SH: Are there certain foods that have a negative long-term impact on your body or metabolism even if eaten only rarely?

MD: Anything deep-fried contains the worst kinds of fats—trans fats—so eating these types of foods too frequently can cause these harmful fats to build up deposits in your arteries that can lead to heart disease and other issues.


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