6 Tips for Growing Healthier, Longer Nails

Naturally long-nailed ladies will never understand the struggle of having short, brittle nails and small nail beds.

Growing out your nails can be super challenging, especially if you tend to bite (cuticles included). But if you're determined to have pretty nails once and for all—and why wouldn't you?—then we've got some tried and true tricks that can help speed up the process. Just remember, you have to put in the work and keep your nail-biting to a minimum.

Keep reading for six tricks to growing healthier, longer nails.

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Use a Daily Cuticle Oil

We spend so much time on skincare, but nail care is really important, too. Healthy cuticles = healthy nails, so keeping them happy and hydrated with sweet almond oil morning and night will help strengthen and prevent chipping and peeling.

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Take a Beauty Supplement

You don't have to tell us twice to take beauty supplements, especially when they're in gummy form. Biotin is important for healthy hair and nails, along with B complex vitamins, so incorporating some form of these can give your nails the vita-boost they need.

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Pick a Nail Polish Packed With Keratin

Keratin is the building block of your nails, so naturally strengthening them with a daily treatment will help them become stronger and healthier. We love CND RescuerXX, a daily keratin treatment that gives your stronger nails in as little as a few days.


Moisturize More

Dry hands and nail beds are no bueno. Hydration is key for happy, healthy nails, just as it is for your face and hair! Get a travel-sized hand cream and store in your everyday backpack or purse so you can apply throughout the day.

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Keep Up With Your Manicures

Nail maintenance is key, especially if you're someone prone to biting your nails. When your nails look good, you want to keep them that way! A manicure every 10 days is ideal yet pricey, so invite your bestie over for a mani sesh, or use it as a way to bond with your mom or sister. Heck, your dad and brother might even want to get in on it, too!


Only Use Soft Nail Files

Glass nail files are gorgeous, no doubt, but the good ol' basic soft nail file is your best bet. Filing incorrectly and too intensely can actually harm your nails, so always use a soft file like this one from Orly.


Once you've got your dream nails, HERE are some super cute printed manis to reward you for all your hard work.