Healthy Snacks to Fight Cravings and Nourish Your Body During Your Time of the Month

A wise woman once told us that during that time of the month, she craves the three C's: carbs, cheese and chocolate. A wise pop star by the name of Selena Gomez once said, "the heart wants what it wants."

These two quotes by these two icons beautifully illustrate the insatiable desire to snack during our periods. Now look—we have nothing against diving headfirst into a sleeve of cookie dough or an uber-melty pizza. In fact, we'd argue that can be an act of self-care. However, there's also something to be said for nourishing our lady cravings in healthy, creative ways. Hence, here are a few delish snack ideas sure to satisfy the aforementioned three C's during that time of the month.


Trader Joe's Gone Bananas

With each individual slice of frozen banana expertly coated in dark chocolate, this dessert is the perfect option for ice cream and chocolate lovers alike. It satisfies the craving for something sweet, while also having the health benefits of dark chocolate and banana.


(via Trader Joe's)


Sea Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips

For those with a love for savory snacks, Sea Salt & Vinegar Pop Chips are for you. Their satisfying crunch and tangy flavor make them an ideal nibble when you're in the mood for something salty. Looking to add a little more indulgence? Drizzle them with olive oil and a sprinkle of rosemary!seal-salt-vinegar-pop-chips-081621

(via Pop Chips)


White Cheddar SkinnyPop

Another standout snack in the savory category is White Cheddar SkinnyPop. While SkinnyPop is superior in general, there's no denying the perfection of that delicate dusting of white cheddar on each and every morsel. What can we say? Nothing tastes more delish than the combo of salt and cheddar with a side of hormonal cravings.


(via SkinnyPop)



Look, there's nothing more refreshing than a juicy slice of pineapple, especially when you're craving something sweet. We don't make the rules. If you want to up the indulgence (and add a cute, Instagrammable garnish), toss some dark chocolate shavings on top! Extra vibey points for putting it in your favorite cute bowl.


(via Shuttershock)


Cheese, Crackers and Whatever Else

One more savory option for you. Okay, so remember when we were little, ate Lunchables and loved the super-yummy combo of cheese, crackers and "turkey" (or whatever that was)? This is a grown-up homage to that. Grab your favorite light cracker (you can't go wrong with classic Triscuits, but feel free to get creative!), cheese and/or meat of your choosing, and go to town. Our favorite layered cracker delicacy is Triscuits, a small dab of Dijon Mustard, swiss cheese, and turkey. Have fun finding yours!


(via Shuttershock)


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