Hear Best Song Ever During Teen Beach Movie!

One Direction's next single "Best Song Ever" doesn't officially drop until Monday, but if you're watching Teen Beach Movie this Friday, you'll be able to hear Best Song Ever ahead of time during the commercials!

Hear Best Song Ever

One Direction will appear in three commercial breaks during the premiere on July 19 at 8p.m., not just to premiere their new track, but to also announce the winner of the Radio Disney Sizzlin' Summer Concert Series Sweepstakes.

One lucky Directioner and their family will win a trip to Los Angeles to see One Direction perform live!

And if that's not enough of a reason for One Direction fans to get super excited for this Friday, we'll also be posting a Sweety High exclusive One Direction contest that day!

Sweety High is giving away tickets to see One Direction's 3D movie This Is Us when it comes out on August 30, plus Office Depot exclusive One Direction school supplies!

Can't wait to enter? You can sign up now at sweetyhigh.com so as soon as the contest goes up on Friday, you can enter to win!