Heart Made Up On You Is Next R5 EP!

Over the weekend, R5 announced that their next EP, Heart Made Up On You, will be released very soon! Heart Made Up On You R5

Rumors have been swirling about that the EP will be released toward the end of the month, on July 29th, but it will actually release a week earlier on July 22nd!

In other R5 news, the band has teamed up with Office Depot for the "Gotta Get INSPIR5D" campaign! The band aims to help students identify their passions, set goals and then make them happen.

R5 will be sharing those own powerful stories to inspire and motivate kids to work as hard as they can to make their dreams come true.

"We were lucky to find our passion in music at a young age," Riker Lynch said. "We've been a band for five years now and we wouldn't be here if we hadn't had big dreams and a lot of support. As a band and a family, we find inspiration in each other every day. We are excited about this amazing 'Gotta Get INSPIR5D' campaign and opportunity to connect with students in a new virtual way."

Starting July 21, many Office Depot and OfficeMax stores will offer virtual reality experiences with the band, through smartphones and the Office Depot app!

We absolutely can't wait to check out "Gotta Get INSPIR5D" and find out more info about Heart Made Up On You! If you're as excited as we are, be sure to let us know in the comments below, and join our R5 Family at SweetyHigh.com!