Heart Made Up On You EP By R5 Drops Today!

R5's new EP, Heart Made Up On You is out today! Listen to the title track, "Heart Made Up On You" below!Heart Made Up On You EP

The new track is a fabulous mix of dance music and rock. It shows us a brand new side of the band, while fitting right in with the rest of the band's catalogue!

The song tells the familiar story of being in love with someone, despite knowing that they're wrong for you and that things will probably end badly.

The Heart Made UP On You EP also features the tracks "Things Are Looking Up," "Easy Love" and "Stay With Me." We hope all of these songs will have their own music videos soon!

Click here to buy the new EP on iTunes! You can also listen to "Heart Made Up On You" below and tell us what you think of it at SweetyHigh.com!