Heart Made Up On You: Our 5 Favorite Moments!

In honor of being named the VEVO Lift artists of October, R5 released yet another music video for their hit single "Heart Made Up On You"! We've recapped our five favorite moments from the new music video!

1. Riker channels his inner Maru the cat and tests his ability to fit inside of a tiny cardboard box. Not bad… for a human!heart made up on you top 5 riker r5

2. Rocky takes to the air, crashing shoulder-first into an unsuspecting Ellington Ratliff. Perhaps aptly, his shirt reads "This Is Stupid."heart made up on you top 5 rocky lynch

3. Rydel is taking "Bossy" back with an awesome graphic tank! After who, who's more boss than a girl who can hold her own in a band with four boys?heart made up on you top 5 rydel r5

4. Ross's inflatable guitar proves yet again that he can go from heartthrob to adorable puppy in a second flat. He totally rocks it.heart made up on you top 5 ross r5

5. Ellington Ratliff's inner skateboarder reveals itself as he converts a rolling luggage into a kick-propelled vehicle. He certainly knows how to travel in style!heart made up on you top 5 ellington ratliff r5

BONUS! What's cooler than high-fiving Han Solo, even if he's frozen in carbonite?heart made up on you top 5 han solo r5

Check out the music video below and let us know your favorite moments in the comments below and at Sweety High! See the images in gif form on our Tumblr here, and check out the concept video for "Heart Made Up On You"!