Heart Made Up On You Music Video By R5!

R5 show off their acting shops in the theatrical new music video for their latest single, "Heart Made Up On You"!Heart Made Up On You Music Video R5

At the beginning of the video, we discover that the band has somehow gotten themselves involved with a cunning thief, and are being forced to drive the getaway car in his next caper! Meanwhile, Ross is secretly dating a girl working for the crime boss!

On the day of the big heist, Rocky and Riker stay alert in the car as the man and the girl break their way into a pawn shop and stuff jewelry into a duffle bag.

When cops catch wind of the break-in, the crook and Ross's girlfriend make a daring escape before Ross takes the girl by the hand and they make a run for it, away from her wicked boss.

The duo manages to get away, with the bag of jewelry in hand. Their car stops in the desert before they share a kiss.

But when Ross pulls away from the kiss, he realizes he's been handcuffed to the steering wheel! The girl walks with with the riches in tow, leaving him deserted!

The music video tells an unmissable story that captures the meaning of the track perfectly!

You can also check out the "Heart Made Up On You" lyric video here!

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