EXCLUSIVE: Pop Singer Heather Brave Premieres Powerful Music Video for 'Spinning'

Here at Sweety High, we're all about new music, and Heather Brave's latest tune "Spinning" definitely has our attention.

Heather Brave

(Photo credit: Meredith Traux)

Unlike her previous releases, "Spinning" exposes the artist's more sensitive side, combining beautiful lyrics with a piano-based melody that allows the singer to take a more contemplative look at her own strength. In the lyrics, you can hear Heather's inner struggle as she eventually finds safety and security within herself while dealing with the turbulent ups and downs of life.

Now, Heather has released a music video for the song that channels those delicate emotions into a heartwarming visual representation.

" 'Spinning' is about rediscovering that untouched strength in yourself when things that surround you get crazy," the singer tells Sweety High. "The idea for this video grew out of that, and that process of finding that and just taking a deep breath with relief." 

And the video is definitely true to the singer's unique perspective. Not only does it show off her talent through stunning vocals and beautiful footage of her playing the piano, it's also infused with personal elements that allow us to connect with the message of the song.

Throughout the video, Heather finds different pieces of a photo that are eventually put together to reveal a young girl.

"The picture that you finally see at the end is from the first time I sang in front of people," Heather explains. "I sang 'Do a Deer' from The Sound of Music and the picture always makes me laugh at that moment, but it also reminds me how important it is to never forget where you came from and just 100% stay true to yourself." 

Heather Brave

(Photo credit: Meredith Traux)

At its core, the video is a beautiful representation of the process of finding your own path, even when it feels like everything is going wrong. But beyond being an important reminder to trust in yourself, the video is also a delightful glimpse into Heather's emotional core, allowing us to connect with the song in a new and exciting way.

But don't take our word for it—watch the full music video for "Spinning" below!


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