Use These Instagram Captions for Pics of Your Heeled Sandals

Heeled sandals have been our shoe of choice lately.

Tbh, we can't even remember the last time we wore flat sandals! Whether it's 75° and sunny outside or it's freezing cold, we still plan on wearing them. Just imagine how cute they'd look with tights! The next time you put some on, be sure to capture it on camera and use one of the following Instagram captions to show off your cute shoes.

For when you're wearing sweats with heeled sandals:

"Good shoes can take any outfit from drab to fab."



For that pic of you showing off your shoes:

"These shoes are the best investment I've ever made."



For when you're walking in your two-inch heeled sandals:

"Give me two inches and I'll walk a mile."



For when you're super short:

"These shoes make me feel like a normal-sized human."



For that picture of your brand new shoes:

"That new shoe feeling—can't beat it."



For when you're surrounded by a sea of shoes:

"My love language is shoes."



For that cute pic of your new heeled sandals:

"I'd like to introduce you to my new best friends."



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