Heffron Drive Talks Happy Mistakes At Universal!

The latest episode of SweetBeatTV takes us back to the Hard Rock Café at Universal City Walk to reunite with Heffron Drive!

Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt join us to dish on their performance, as well as their debut album, Happy Mistakes, which releases on September 9th!

With Happy Mistakes, they aim to present something that no one has ever heard before!

Blake Michael, who opened for Heffron Drive, also tells us about his DJing and shares his unique talents with us.

Heffron Drive also chat their upcoming Happy Mistakes Tour, where they plan to play mostly new songs, and Megan Nicole will join as a tour mate!

Kendall and Dustin also share the happiest mistakes in their lives and play a game of 31 Flavors of Heffron Drive, correlating their favorite ice cream flavors to the best songs on the radio!

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