Heffron Drive Winter Tour Commences Tonight!

Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt set out on their first tour today with the Heffron Drive Winter Tour!Heffron Drive Winter Tour

The duo will be joined by a synth player and drummer to form a four-piece band for this tour, bringing the awesome electronic sounds of Heffron Drive to audiences across the U.S.!

The band will be playing brand new music, as well as a few old Heffron Drive classics.

"I'm excited," Kendall said in a recent interview with Sweety High. "I'm still trying to decide what songs I'm gonna play. We might want to do a cover or two. I'm just trying to make it fun."

The tour begins tonight in Houston, Texas, and ends on December 22 at The Roxy in L.A.!

Supported acts for the tour include Eric Dash and Ariana & the Rose!

Be sure to check out our full interview with Kendall Schmidt about the Heffron Drive Winter Tour here!

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