Sweet Quotes From Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between to Use as Instagram Captions

Today, Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between dropped on Netflix, and the adorable rom-com already has us swooning.

The film, starring Talia Ryder and Jordan Fisher, follows high school seniors, Clare and Aidan, who immediately fall for each other. However, with both of them heading off to college in 10 months, they only agree to date on the condition of a breakup pact, deciding they'll split, happily and with no broken hearts, before they each head off to their respective schools. Of course, this is a rom-com, so are there any expectations that things might go according to plan?

We can't get enough of the sweet flick, and if you're the same, keep scrolling to discover all of our favorite quotes from the movie to use as your next Instagram caption.

For flaunting your favorite film of all time:

"This is iconic. This is movie magic."



For the pic of your epic candy haul:

"You know, it's not really Halloween without candy."


Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between: Clare and Aidan at the shop

(Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between via Netflix)


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For announcing your priorities to the world:

"It's why I don't spend too much time being social. I'd rather focus on getting into a good school."



For when you're crushing on someone new and—shocker—they're in a band:

"Oh my God, of course you're in a band. It all makes sense."



For when you're standing up for the little guy:

"I'm gonna fight for people that need protecting."



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For when you're worried you're falling for someone hard:

"I'm just afraid, I mean we've had the full night, and if we kiss, we're gonna wanna kiss again—at least I'm gonna wanna kiss again…"



For when you get caught dancing:

"I heard music. I might have moved a little."


Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between: Clare and Aidan at concert

(Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between via Netflix)


For when you maybe know a little bit too much about the whereabouts of your crush:

"Don't make me sound like a stalker, dude."



For when you plan the most incredible day out for your special someone:

"It's my epic date. It's my rules. Period."



For celebrating a very amicable split from your ex:

"The king and queen of ending things."



For when your rent out an awesome space, and you're going to make the most of it:

"Everything that the light touches is all ours… for the next hour."



For letting someone know they can let their guard down around you:

"You don't have to be perfect all the time … not with me."



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For when something's actually one of the biggest challenges of your life:

"Easy breezy."



For when you promised you wouldn't get serious with someone, but that's not exactly how things are going:

"You need to be shutting this down. Immediately."



For when you really need to buckle down and get stuff done:

"You give an inch, and you could lose your whole future."



For commemorating the last night of summer:

"It's our last night before we all go off to our new lives."


Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between: Clare and Aidan scooting close

(Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between via Netflix)


For when you're all dressed up in your school colors:

"You know I like to show my school spirit."



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For when your behavior is so characteristic it's become an action word:

"You used my name as a verb! What does it mean?"



For when you're sick and tired of overthinking everything:

"Don't you just want to be able to jump into any situation and not have to give it a second thought?"



For when you're finally making a statement:

"If there's one thing I know, you gotta be bold."



For when you show your sadness in the oddest ways:

"Some people have a love language. I have a grief language."



For when you're just trying to enjoy things in the moment:

"A relationship doesn't have a shot in hell if you start planning its end before it even starts."



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For when you're learning to be mindful and present:

"I've always been just so focused on the future and picturing what that was like that I never put much energy into the now."



For when you've been proven wrong for the millionth time:

"You're always right. It's really annoying."



For when you have to say goodbye to someone, but you know you'll be seeing them again:

"See you later."


Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between: Clare hugging Aidan looking sad

(Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between via Netflix)


For when you've found the one who makes your life complete:

"I don't wanna get to deep or make it a massive deal, but you're kinda everything I ever wanted."

-"Everything I Ever Wanted," Jordan Fisher


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