19 Ways To Prove You're The Ultimate Hello Kitty Fan

If you've ever wanted to eat foods that look just like Hello Kitty, now's your chance! A restaurant called Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine opens June 1 in Hong Kong, and if we could, we'd be the first ones in line. If you're equally envious of everyone who gets to go, maybe you can try out these other ways to show your true Hello Kitty loyalty.

1. Let Hello Kitty inspire your eye makeup look, complete with a bow

2. Buy yourself some official MAC Hello Kitty nail polish

3. To give yourself a pretty pink Hello Kitty mani

4. Or a darker nail look if that's more of your style

5. Turn the outside of your car into a Hello Kitty shrine

6. Or go wild with your car interior

7. If you don't drive, we guess you can convert your room into a Hello Kitty altar instead

8. Be like Lady Gaga and order a Hello Kitty bouquet for someone special (or get one for yourself, we won't judge)

9. Learn to crochet and make yourself an adorable Hello Kitty earflap hat

10. Or use your skills to put your own heroic touch on Hello Kitty

11. Meet the guy of your dreams and plan a Hello Kitty wedding. If he doesn't say yes, he's not the right guy!

12. Be a Katykat and wear Hello Kitty on the red carpet

13. Pay a visit to the Hello Kitty theme park, Sanrio Puroland, in Tama, Japan

14. Give someone a Hello Kitty kiss

15. Hand paint your own glorious Hello Kitty sneaks

16. Or paint her on your face!

17. Make someone feel really special with a Hello Kitty cake (no occasion required)

18. On a budget? Make HELLO KITTY EGG

19. And if you're still in the mood to eat Hello Kitty after all of that, try your hand at crafting these white-chocolate covered Hello Kitty Oreos

How do you show your undying devotion to the Hello Kitty way? Let us know in the comments and share your pics with us at SweetyHigh.com.