5 Reasons Why We're in LOVE With the Hello Kitty x Fragrant Jewels Collaboration

As if we weren't already obsessed with the sweet kitten, Fragrant Jewels has given us yet another reason to love all things Hello Kitty.

Fragrant Jewels' Hello Kitty Bath Bomb Trio
(via Fragrant Jewels)

Fragrant Jewels is an online retailer that primarily sells bath bombs and candles, but they've added an extra flair to their items. Hidden inside each Fragrant Jewels product is ring that is only revealed as your bath bomb or candle melts away.

Recently, the innovative new company partnered with Hello Kitty to deliver products that are unique to our favorite little cat. The Hello Kitty Bath Bomb Trio and the Hello Kitty Candle and Bath Bomb Gift Set will make you feel like you're part of Hello Kitty's world, and we couldn't be more excited.

Scroll below to see five reasons why we're in love with Hello Kitty's collaboration with Fragrant Jewels.

The Rings, Obviously

Fragrant Jewels' inventive addition of a unique ring in their products makes their bath bombs and candles extra exciting, and the Hello Kitty collection is no different. Inside each item is one of 10 special collection Hello Kitty rings. Each adorable accessory is valued at $30 and made exclusively for the Fragrant Jewels Collection, so you will never find them anywhere else. Many of them feature ruby red stones typical of Hello Kitty's signature colors, and all of them are so cute we'll be buying dozens of bath bombs until we collect all ten rings!

Fragrant Jewels' Hello Kitty Ring

(via Fragrant Jewels)


The Colors

The Hello Kitty bath bombs are available in three colors: red, white, and pink. Not only are the bath bombs true to Hello Kitty's signature, they are shaped to look like her, complete with an adorable rose gold bow. But the Hello Kitty magic doesn't stop there. The bath bombs are also filled with a sparkling center, so your bathtub is effectively transformed into a Hello Kitty wonderland. If you need a peek inside Hello Kitty's world, these  bombs are sure to do the trick!


The Ingredients

Not only are the bath bombs in the Hello Kitty collection beautiful to look at, they are also refreshingly good for your skin. All Fragrant Jewels products are vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and crafted with high-quality ingredients. The Hello Kitty bath bombs are made with a mixture of shea butter and almond oils for hydration and Dead Sea salt for exfoliation. The ingredients are designed to leave your skin soft, healthy and glowing. The high-quality, guilt-free products will leave you happy and excited for your next Hello Kitty bath.


The Fragrance

Both the Hello Kitty candles and the bath bomb are packed with a unique scent made specifically for the Hello Kitty collection! The fragrance has multiple layers, starting with a mixture of guava and cassis for spicy-sweet scent that will awaken your senses. As they bath bomb dissolves and the candle melts, the fragrance shifts into a softer combination of gardenia and ginger blossom, and finally ends with the soothing scent of coconut. The candle is specially made with coconut wax, which allows you to smell the various scents more clearly.

Fragrant Jewels' Hello Kitty Bath Bomb and Candle Gift Set

(via Fragrant Jewels)


The Contest

Even though the products have to disappear so you can reach the ring hidden inside, the fun doesn't stop there. After the candle melts or the bath bomb dissolves and you are finally in possession of your special collection ring, you can hop on over to the Fragrant Jewels website and click on the vault section. There, you can input the vault code that comes with your ring. Entering the vault code officially puts you in the running for a chance to win a ring worth up to $10,000! But even if you don't win, the magic of this Hello Kitty-Fragrant Jewels collaboration is more than enough for us!


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