Here Are the Purrrfect Presents to Gift Your Hello Kitty-Obsessed Friends

Have a Hello Kitty-obsessed friend in your life? We know exactly what you should gift them this holiday season!

Sanrio just released a brand new collection called Hello Sanrio, chock-full of ultra-poppy graphics. All the apparel and accessories feature a variety of our fave Sanrio characters, so you don't have to pick just one.

Scroll below and start shopping for your Sanrio-loving friend and maybe even make a wish list of the items you want for yourself, too!

Sanrio Characters Earbuds: $14.25

These are perfect for the music-lover in your life. They can jam out to their fave tunes and customize these earbuds with adorable Sanrio characters. Amazing.

Hello Sanrio character earbuds

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Characters Engagement Planner: $17

Have a super organized bestie? This 2017 weekly/monthly planner will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Hello Sanrio weekly/monthly planner

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Characters Notebook Set: $15.75

Who doesn't love a great mini set of notebooks? This set is ideal for jotting down notes, doodling or using as a diary!

Hello Sanrio notebook set

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Characters Sticky Note Set: $7.25

These mini sticky notes are a dream come true for the forgetful friend in your girl group. Stick these on school assignments, notebooks, or basically anything else, and you're good to go.

Hello Sanrio stickie pads

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Characters Poncho Sweatshirt: $75

This oversized poncho has just about every Sanrio character we adore all in one place. Gift this to the true Sanrio fan in your life… or, just snag it for yourself. We won't judge.

Hello Sanrio Poncho Jacket

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Characters Raglan Tee: $30

Have someone in your life who always sports a raglan T-shirt? They need a new one. They need this new one.

Hello Sanrio Raglan Tee

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Characters Leggings: $58

How comfy do these character leggings look? Gift these to the friend you know is always down for a good Netflix sesh.

Hello Sanrio leggings

(via Sanrio)


The following products are set to release on Dec. 9. We cannot wait!

Bomber Jacket: $120

In case you hadn't heard, bomber jackets are majorly in style this season. This Sanrio one is superb for your fashionista friend.

Hello Sanrio Bomber Jacket

(via Sanrio)


Sanrio Bus Tote Bag: $60

Um, hello cutest tote bag ever. Give this to just about anyone (Sanrio-lover or not) and they'll appreciate all of this cuteness.

Hello Sanrio Tote Bag

(via Sanrio)


Clear Tote Bag: $34

We're all about this see-through rainbow tote. We suggest you keep it for yourself or gift it to your friend who tends to forget essential items at home. We figure if they can see exactly what's in their bag, they'll be less likely to leave something behind.

Hello Sanrio clear tote bag

(via Sanrio)


Coin Pouch: $20

Have you seen a cuter coin pouch? The whole Hello Kitty gang is present and ready to hold spare change.

Hello Sanrio coin pouch

(via Sanrio)


Strawberry Backpack: $65

And finally, gift this too-cute-for-words strawberry backpack to someone who you know can appreciate and rock this spunky piece.

Hello Sanrio Strawberry Backpack

(via Sanrio)


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