Hemlets Founder Jordana On Her Stylish Leggings Cuffs!

14-year-old fashionista Jordana is the founder of Hemlets, a clothing company that makes adorable cuffs that stick right on the cuffs of your favorite leggings! Jordana told us all about the company in a recent interview.jordana hemlets

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 Jordana's story started with a favorite television show.

"Me and my family watch Shark Tank a lot and would always say that we should start a business," Jordana explained.

They would discuss the idea from time to time, but the family really started to take it seriously once they had an idea in place.

"We noticed a lot of girls wear leggings, and when they're all black, with no styles, they can be kind of boring," Jordana said. "We thought there should be something that can match your leggings with your top."

The resulting invention was Hemlets, a colorful cuff that slips around the cuff of your leggings and attaches over the hem for a bright and fashion-forward accent!

Hemlets are made from a stretchable fabric and can easily slip over your foot and be set into the hem of your leggings.

"It took lots of time to figure out how to connect the two fabrics together, but once we got that, it all just started coming together," Jordana said.

A Velcro-like fastener allows the Hemlet to softly grab onto the fiber of the leggings without damaging them.

Hemlets now features dozens of colors and patterns to choose from to jazz up your favorite pairs of black or solid-colored leggings.

"I really like the chevron right now," Jordana said. "I feel like it brings an outfit together with a simple touch."

They also have a new referral program where teens can make money by referring friends to buy Hemlets! If you're a girl looking to start a new trend at school and make a little cash in the process, email customerservice@hemlets.com for details!

Each season, Hemlets also plans to release a charity cuff with limited-edition sets designed specifically around an issue. 20 percent of the proceeds from those cuffs will go to charity!

Currently, a pink and white striped cuff is helping Hemlets raise money to fight breast cancer!

Also check out their website here!

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