Stranger Things' Hendrix Yancey Shares Her Superfandom and Millie Bobby Brown's Epic Set Prank

Not caught up on Stranger Things Season 4? Then you may want to stop here, unless you love getting spoiled.

That's because we got the chance to hop on a Zoom call with 10-year-old actress Hendrix Yancey to discuss all things related to her recent role on the show. Hendrix played 13, one of the child test subjects at Hawkins Lab who were raised alongside Eleven. In the new season, we see them all in a flashback as Eleven relives the past in an effort to unlock her lost powers, and learn what truly went down in the Rainbow Room all those years ago.

Hendrix filled us in on her character, her long-time love for the show and what it was like to work with Millie Bobby Brown—including her most epic phone prank. Keep reading to discover what she shared with us.

Sweety High: Had you watched Stranger Things at all before earning the role of 13?

Hendrix Yancey: I've actually watched each season seven times. I was a superfan. I got so excited when I booked it.


SH: What did it mean to you to know you were acting in a huge series with so many fans around the world?

HY: I think it's so cool that so many people are watching the show that I'm in. It's crazy to me. I never thought I'd be in such a big show. If you would have told me two years ago that I was going to be in Stranger Things, I would have laughed.

28 hours before I figured out I'd booked it, I actually made a vision board, and one of the things on it was to work with Millie Bobby Brown. Then I booked it!


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SH: Did you realize you were going to get to work so closely with her when you got the role?

HY: I didn't know if I was, but I was hoping that I was. And it was amazing to work with her. She's the sweetest, kindest, funniest person I've ever met. She's amazing.

I also love all the members. My best friend also worked on it with me. He's named Jeremiah [Friedlander], and he played number 14. He was one number above me. My other best friend, Lana [Jean Turner] plays number 7. I love them both. They're my best friends, and we spent two months together filming.


SH: The test subjects at Hawkins Lab lived lives that were definitely not like a typical kids', with both scary and tragic elements. How did you get into 13's head to play her?

HY: I've always played scary roles. I have a movie called Dweller coming out, and I kill my parents in it, and a ton of people. I'm like a mass murderer, and me and my brother go on a killing rampage. I'm used to scary stuff like that.


SH: Have you always been a fan of spooky movies?

HY: Yeah, my favorite movie is Fear Street. I love it, and it's one of the scariest things ever. I had to pause it like 24/7 to chill down and catch up with myself for a second.


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SH: Do you have a favorite memory from the Stranger Things shoot?

HY: I love having birthdays on set. It's so fun, and we got to celebrate Millie's 17th birthday—she's already turned 18, it's crazy—and then we celebrated Jeremiah's 12th birthday with him. And then we were there for Valentine's Day. Everyone loved it—it's one of the best holidays, in my opinion.

We also played a lot of pranks. One of the greatest of all time was actually performed by Millie and Noah Schnapp. They pranked one of the people saying that their wedding was canceled. They prank-called her and were like, "This is the wedding venue, your wedding has to be canceled because of a miscommunication with the schedule, and we actually have to push it back four months." It was a crazy prank, but it was really funny.


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SH: Is it strange to be having fun, celebrating birthday parties and Valentine's Day, and then shooting these very sterile, quiet, sad scenes?

HY: Yeah, it's hard. We'll be laughing, and then we'll have to lay on the floor for four minutes straight, not breathing or blinking, because we're supposed to be dead.


SH: If you had a special superpower of your own, what do you think it would be?

HY: So we all had the same powers as Millie, but we all have our special power, too. Mine is fire and ice.


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