HENRY Shares the Story Behind 'Moonlight' and Teases His Upcoming Album

Canadian Chinese singer-songwriter, actor and choreographer HENRY has come a long way since debuting as part of the K-pop group Super Junior-M, and after briefly stepping out of the spotlight, he's back with a renewed sense of self—and his very best music yet.

This week, HENRY released his new single "Moonlight," his first new music since his JOURNEY EP in 2020. The English language track is unforgettable, with a warm and upbeat momentum driving its vibey indie-pop sound, complete with a playful whistled melody guaranteed to get stuck in your head. As soon as we heard it, we were hooked, and in this interview, he shared not just what the song means to him, but also let us in on his plans for the rest of the year.

The Story Behind 'Moonlight'

HENRY: At the time I was writing "Moonlight," I noticed that people around me were very stressed with their work, and their lives, and I felt like everyone needed a release. An escape from all of this. I knew I just had to write a song for everybody.

I came up with this melody, the whistle tune (whoo ooooooo), and then from that, melodies just kept coming to my head. This song came to me pretty quickly.


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What 'Moonlight' Means

HENRY: I just hope that everyone who hears this song can temporarily escape from the stresses and troubles of everything in their lives. That it can bring a smile to everyone and hopefully relieve some of your daily stress, no matter what field of work you do, or whether you're a student, or in an office. Honestly, this is a song that I feel like I really needed.

And it'd been a very long time since I'd released any new music—actually two years. I know my fans were waiting for that—for me—for a very long time, so I know it means a lot to them, and I'd like to thank all my fans for waiting that long.


HENRY's Journey

HENRY: I took a pretty long time off from my usual work, from flying around a lot of places and filming, to really just sit down and focus on music. I took about a year off with the goal of rediscovering myself both personally and also HENRY, musically.

This song is actually just one song out of an entire album that I completed through that one year of discovery.


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HENRY's Favorite Lyric

HENRY: There's a lyric that goes "We can dance about it to our favorite song," and why I like this lyric so much is because sometimes, it doesn't matter what you going through—sometimes it's just better to let go and forget about everything and just dance. That's what this entire song represents.


Upcoming Projects

HENRY: Like I mentioned earlier, this song is just one off of the album I made and completed in the last year. I'll be working on releasing all of these songs as quickly as possible.

I also really, really want to perform for all my fans, so I hope that in the near future, I can set up a tour for everybody.


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