The New Sweet Suspense Single Is "Here We Go Again"!

Today, Valentine's Day 2015, is the day that Sweet Suspense's single "Here We Go Again" debuts exclusively on Radio Disney, and it's been a super exciting countdown leading up to today. If you weren't along for the whole ride, relive the experience with us.

Sweet Suspense "Here We Go Again" single art with girls in 'Strong" shirts

1. The Tease

Sweet Suspense here we go again emoji teaser

Were you completely baffled by our emoji brain teaser on Wednesday? If you examined it closely, you just might have uncovered the name of Sweet Suspense's new single a day before it was officially announced.

2. Taking Over

Sweet Suspense Twitter takeover on M Magazine; Single is upbeat, girlpower and awesome

The gals took over M Magazine's Twitter on Thursday to answer questions from fans, revealing that the new single is #upbeat, #girlpower and #awesome!

3. Sneak Peek

Sweet Suspense promised to release an early glimpse of their new song, "Here We Go Again," if they could get 200 RTs. Fans quickly unlocked the clip, revealing not just a gorgeous 6 seconds of the song but also the powerful single art.  

4. Empowered 

This Vine got us super excited about the themes we'll be able to look forward to in "Here We Go Again." Who else can't wait to get inspired?

5. The Premiere

radio disney

"Here We Go Again" debuts today at noon PST on Radio Disney, followed by a live in-studio interview with Sweet Suspense. You can tune in online here.

Missed the big moment? It's not too late! They'll be playing it several times a day, and you can call in at 1-877-870-5678 to request the song.

Of course, this isn't the end of "Here We Go Again" stay tuned for all of the latest on the group, including music videos and more in the very near future. You can also discuss in our Sweet Suspense fan community at Sweety High.