Sweet Suspense's Inside Scoop On Single "Here We Go Again"!

Sweet Suspense's new single "Here We Go Again" is officially out on iTunes today, and in an exclusive chat with the young ladies we learned all about the new track and more. Get the song here and watch below.

Summer: "Be strong with who you are because the more confident you are in yourself, the more confidence you exude to other people."

Summer from Sweet Suspense shares a quote about confidence

Millie: "It's honestly a breakup song and there are different stages to every breakup. First you're just kind of over it, you're done, and then you get kind of sad, and then you get angry, and then you're kind of done again."

Millie Thrasher On the Meaning Of Sweet Suspense's new song Here We Go Again

Summer:  "Having Radio Disney support us like this is crazy and we are so excited for them to continue to be playing it. It's on rotation now!"

Summer discusses what it's like to work with Radio Disney

How much do you love Millie, Summer and Celine's favorite dance moves?

Sweet Suspense: Millie Thrasher, Summer Reign and Celine Polenghi's dance moves

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