If you loved Where’s Waldo and I Spy books when you were little, Hidden Folks will be your new app addiction.

Developed by game designer Adriaan de Longh and illustrated by Sylvain Tegroeg, the game is all about using a keen eye, as well as your thinking skills, to find each of the targets hidden throughout a series of beautifully hand-drawn black and white maps.

Hidden Folks: Explorer Garland in the forest

(via Hidden Folks)

The game starts super simple with a small map and only a few people, animals and things to spot. Within a few moments of poking around, you’ll discover the interactivity of the world. Plants can be pushed aside, characters can be shoved out of trees and most things will respond to touch in some way. Best of all, almost everything has its own charming sound effect.

Once you get the hang of the first area, finding the targets should be a breeze, particularly with the guidance of its helpful hint. In the beginning of the game, following these hints might make things seem too easy, but by the second area you’ll start needing all the help you can get.

Hidden Folks: Tree People

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But levels get expansive fast. Instead of one small, contained area, you’ll be scanning across huge levels filled with incredibly intricate details and lots of characters and things that are just short of what you’re trying to find. There are quite a few false alarms in this game, but there’s no penalty for clicking on the wrong thing, so poke away!

And not every level is about finding things. In this level, you’ve got to touch the landscape until you create a walkable path for a walking folk.

Hidden Folks: Treetop walk

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The game also allows players to skip around a bit if they’re stuck. You don’t have to find each and every item within an area to move on to the next, and you can always return to past levels (even if you’ve found everything) to keep exploring.

Hidden Folks: move to next area

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There’s a lot of great variation between the areas of this game as well. While the first area is dedicated to lush forests, the second group of levels focuses on dry lands. One of my favorite levels is a massive, but super sparse desert, where you’ll encounter oases, miners, stranded folks and a music festival. There are also great city stages that take you from suburbs to skyscrapers, and the last area focuses on bustling factories.

Hidden Folks: Progress page

(via Hidden Folks)

While most of “Hidden Folks” is available now, a few levels are still in the works and will be coming to the app soon. I only have one more folk to find before I complete all of what’s available on the current app!

And if the white background with white line drawings is a bit much for your eyes (especially at night) there’s also an inverted color mode, as well as a sepia-toned mode, to help you out in that department.

Hidden Folks: Color modes

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If searching for treasures isn’t your thing, we probably can’t recommend this app—but if you love solving puzzles and uncovering for hidden clues, you won’t be able to put it down. You can get it in the App Store for $3.99.

Now excuse me as I continue my days-long search for this clone folk…

Hidden Folks: Drying clone

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