Probably the worst part of high school (next to homework, of course) is bullies.

Bullies can make us feel sad, alone, scared and even affect how well we get our schoolwork done. Sadly, no matter who we are or what we do, sharing space with this incredibly annoying individual is inevitable, mainly because they come in many different forms.

Keep reading for the nine types of bullies you’ll encounter in high school (and just know you’re not alone in your dealings):

1. The Traditional Bully

This is by far the worst kind of bully. This is the person who is straight-up mean. There’s never any playful banter with you and this student. Typically one of the popular kids, they always feel the need to talk down on your outfits, your hair, your look, your voice—basically whatever they can attack you about—and they never back down.

two boy bullies throw paper airplane at girl student in class

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2. The Really Unattractive Bully Who Is Somehow in the Popular Crowd

You never seem to understand the bully who makes fun of you when there is plenty you can say about them. How they manage to sit with the letterman jacket-wearing crew at lunch is mind-boggling. You have absolutely no interest in being friends with this person and can’t picture anyone being attracted to them. The combination of ugly and mean surely makes you wonder how they manage to socially get by.


3. The Bully Who Gets Bullied

You clearly know this person lashes out at you because they, themselves, get bullied, too, but it doesn’t make it any easier. You consider the possibility of befriending this person because you know what they’re going through, but they’re so outrageously mean to you that you don’t even bother trying.

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4. The Harmless Bully

This bully is most reminiscent of an ant or a fly, or someone else’s dog who continuously follows you around begging for food. This person never really says anything harsh; they are simply just a nuisance who refuses to leave you alone. They always feel the need to address you in some way or another, even when you seem annoyed and you seriously have no idea why they won’t bug (get it?) off!


5. The Bully Who Secretly Likes You

This bully can coincide with the harmless bully, but the harmless bully doesn’t necessarily have a crush—they’re just usually bored. The bully who secretly likes you either has difficulty being straightforward or is a little embarrassed to be crushin’ on you for one reason or another. The bully who secretly likes you may say insulting things, but their tone and demeanor is always much more light than the traditional bully.


6. The Bully Who Used to Be Your Friend

It’s always hard to take yourself back in time to when you and a current bully used to be buds. Perhaps it was in elementary school that you two used to chase each other around in the playground, play Red Rover at lunch or even hang out after school. Long gone are those days, but every time this person teases you, you feel slightly better by reminding yourself it wasn’t always like this and there’s probably an inkling of them that still kind of likes you as a person.

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7. The Bully Who’s Nice When No One Else Is Around

This is the person who is totally mean to you in the hallway at lunch, yet on that same day, you could run into them at the grocery store with mom and they’ll totally chat you up as if you guys have been pals all along. Yet, when you see them the following day amid a group of people, they’re back to their old, unfortunate tricks. You know that deep down, they don’t really dislike you that much, but for some reason, you are their easy target.


9. The Bully With the Nice BFF

This bully is so mean to you, which is odd because their bestie is super nice. It’s unfortunate because it makes you feel intimidated trying to chat the bestie up in the halls. You have no idea why the bully acts the way they do, and you know it’s unlikely you and their BFF will ever really become close because there’s no way the bully will let that happen.


9. The Cyber Bully

This type of bully is becoming increasingly more common. This person can be totally unsuspecting on campus, but the minute they get online, they have a chance to hide behind a screen and call you ridiculous names. Just remember they are incredibly insecure if they’re looking to the internet to harass you. The best thing you can do in this case is simply ignore them. You show you’re not bothered and they’ll feel like they’re wasting their time.

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