Definitive Ranking of the Most Mortifying High School Moments

On any given day of high school, the potential to be completely and totally mortified is off the charts.

There are so many factors at work that can add up to a super embarrassing moment. Whether it's your parents, your teachers or even the weather, complete control of your daily life is a lot to ask of high school.

Scroll below for our definitive ranking of the most mortifying things that can happen during your school day:

13. Being Dropped Off By Your Parents

While this transportation system isn't preferred, it's not the worst thing that can happen to you. Of course, your parent trailing your exit with, "Have a good day, honey!" or "Make good choices!" definitely makes this event more mortifying, but thankfully that doesn't happen too often.

Freaky Friday make good choices

(Freaky Friday via Walt Disney Pictures)


12. Forgetting Your Homework at Home

There are few ironies worse than forgetting your homework at the house, especially when you actually did it. That frantic search through your backpack with mutters of, "I did it, I swear!" only makes you look and feel that much more crazy. Yes, this is truly embarrassing, but it happens to the best of us. Just don't try and claim that your dog ate it.


11. Walking Into Class Late

For starters, "tardy" is a super weird and unattractive word. So you never want that label to be branded across your forehead. But when you walk in late it also means that everyone's eyes turn towards you and your teacher is likely to say something gag-worthy like, "Thank you for gracing us with your presence." Ugh. That said, being a few minutes late means spending a few less minutes in class. So there's a silver lining to this one.


10. Getting Your Bad Test Grade Signed By Your Parents

This form of embarrassment takes place after school hours, although being asked to stay after class is usually a red flag to the other students that you bombed your test. It's never fun admitting failure to yourself or your parents. But what's worse is the impending grounding you'll receive when your 'rents take one look at that exam.


9. Having to Ask to Use the Restroom

I'm sorry, are we in preschool? Last time we checked, we were practically adults here. Why do we still have to raise our hands to ask to go to the bathroom?? While not all teachers subscribe to this juvenile practice, others do and when you gotta go, it's embarrassing. You just know that there's at least one student clocking how long you're gone.


8. Getting Your First Detention

If you've gone through your academic career without a single detention on your record, then the first time you receive one is a major blush moment. It's a public form of punishment that is bound to give your classmates giggles. Especially when everyone thinks of you as a teacher's pet, goodie-goodie or perfect student.

Girl Meets World breaking rules

(Girl Meets World via The Disney Channel)


7. Accidentally Holding Hands With Someone as You Pass Them During Passing Period

There are fewer coincidences in life that result in such intense mortification. We've all been there before, minding our own business and swinging are arms as one does, when at the exact devastating moment you pass too closely to other students, and for the briefest of seconds lock palms in a hand hold. Why does such evil walk on earth, no one will ever know. The only reason this moment doesn't rank No. 1 is because it's short lived and no one else will ever know… and at least you get to share the embarrassment with whomever joined in on the accidental hand-hold.


6. Not Getting the Forecast Memo and Dressing Wrong for the Weather

It's easy to get used to a pattern of weather and thoughtlessly dress for the daily occasion. But there's always that date at least once a year when you don shorts and a tee only to get to school and realize that everyone else is holding umbrellas over their jeans and jackets because, oh yeah, it's raining. Your classmates are going to be pitying you all day long and you'll hear countless questions like, "Aren't you cold?" Yes, thank you Jessica, I am cold. Smh.


5. Dressing Up on Halloween When No One Else Does

Being inappropriately dressed for the weather is uncomfortable and embarrassing, sure—but it doesn't compare to the mortification that is showing up in full costume when no one else dressed up for Halloween at school. You stand out like the clown you are (sometimes literally) and wish you hadn't made such a fool out of yourself. Your only option now is to own it and hope your confidence is a scary enough mask to prevent people from making fun of you.

Mean Girls ex-wife Halloween costume

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)


4. Being Called to the Principal's Office

When a student walks into your classroom with a little slip of paper, it could mean the best or the worst is about to happen. Either you're being checked out of school early or you're being sent to the Principal's office. Unfortunately for you there's no dentist appointment scheduled for today, but instead the head honcho has some words for you. This doubtlessly catches the attention of the rest of your classmates, while also startling your nerves. I'm not sweating, you're sweating!


3. Being Called On When You Weren't Paying Attention

Whether you were daydreaming, doodling or napping in class, there are few embarrassments quite like being called on in class when you weren't paying attention. Do you try and come up with a quick answer or admit to your snoozing? Which is worse?? The entire class is waiting almost as impatiently as your teacher to hear what's going to come out of your mouth next.


2. Running the Mile

As a high school student, each year we were required to do a fitness test which included a competitive round of sit-ups, pull-ups, stretching and the worst, the mile. If you're anything like us, you consider this activity to be cruel and unusual punishment. While you struggle to keep going, only to finish in last place, you can feel the other students taking bets on how slow your time is. The absolute worst is when you don't finish in the required time limit and have to do it… again. 


1. Slipping and Falling When It's Raining Out

Whether your school is indoor our outdoor, you are bound to at least once in your high school life step on a slippery step and fall in a puddle on a rainy day. Not only are people laughing, but they also feign concern for you all while you smile through your pain, claiming it didn't hurt. But the worst part is the big wet stain on your back that will tell any student who missed the event exactly what transpired. Your back and ego are about to experience some pretty intense pain.

Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain dance

(Singin' In the Rain via MGM)


Being shy only makes each of these embarrassing moments that much more mortifying. Click HERE for tips on how to participate in class when it's part of your grade.