Here's How Your Style Will Evolve from Freshman to Senior Year

High school is all about taking risks and getting to know your true self.

Part of that journey involves figuring out where you stand exactly in terms of your personal style, and chances are your freshman yearbook photo will differ immensely from that of your senior year.

Pretty Little Liars style

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Although there are as many types of styles as there are colors in the rainbow, a couple of things tend to happen to all of us as we go through our high school years. Read on to see where you stand in the high school style spectrum and get excited about the fashion-forward journey you're about to take.

The Freshman Fear

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Freshman style is all about fitting in and flying under the radar. You don't get to have that much fun with fashion because you're so worried about how your style will come off to the upperclassmen. It's fine to admit that you still wear some old relics from your 8th grade days, and it's normal during this year to feel insecure about the outfits you put together. Whenever you feel the "freshman-fashion-fear" coming on, remember to take a page from the Willow Smith handbook. This risk taker could put any senior to shame. In a pair of ripped jeans or a full-on designer ensemble, Willow is always pushing boundaries and looking great doing so. Don't be too bogged down by the fear of what others will think. Take a deep breath and try to hone in on what styles make you feel most confident. Fear not, the rest will come naturally.


The Sophomore Observe

Wrapped on #DifferentFolks last night…. The biggest of congratulations to our cast and crew on such a memorable and special shoot. It was an honor to be surrounded by such hard working, driven, kind and joy filled individuals. Our crew never stopped smiling, took care of one another and always created special moments since day one. I'm humbled and blessed to be a part of something so much more than a just a film. The story on camera is just as wonderful and special as the story we created off screen ❤️ until next time, Bailee

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Your second year of high school involves taking the observations you made as a freshman and putting them to good use. Wearing heels to a basketball game? That was amateur hour, now you know better. You've seen the senior girls pair a cute top with Adidas and call it a day. For appropriate style inspo, look no further than Bailee Madison. She's got her observations down pat and she pushes the limits, but with much more restraint than a senior would. Sparkly top with jeans? Perfect combo! This outfit makes you look done-up without trying too hard. The sparkle provides just the right amount of pizzazz but the jeans make you fit in with the rest of the group. Use this year to be a bit more adventurous than the last but make sure to continue taking style cues from the older girls.


The Junior Closet


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With prospective college visits and applications around the corner, your junior year is the first time you start having serious thoughts about your upcoming university days. Fashion takes a backseat. Thank goodness that at this stage in your high school trajectory, you've already nailed down what styles work best for you and your body type. During this year, you also start accumulating great closet staples that will be a part of your outfits for days to come. Go ahead, save up for that great leather jacket. Ask your mom to buy you those dope combat boots for your birthday. Purchase those timeless ballet flats. Sabrina Carpenter is somebody we can look to for great closet-staple inspiration. For instance, she does a great button down, but makes sure she wears it in an unexpected color. Nailing down these unique closet staples will give you the perfect building blocks for your senior year and college wardrobe.


The Senior Star

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Your senior year is full of starting trends, not following them. You've gotten over your fashion fears, you've observed style "dos and don'ts" and you've started building the closet of your dreams. Now it's time to take full rein of your fashion ambitions and just have fun! Think Bella Thorne, who can flawlessly pair boots with patchwork cut-offs. She expertly tops off her look with a bandana fashioned as a necklace. During this year, make sure you keep an eye out for great memento purchases. These include concert T-shirts, jewelry from a trip with your friends, a cool pin or patch from your favorite restaurant. These are the items (and memories) you will wear during college and beyond. Once you feel style confidence of your own, remember to be kind to the freshmen girls who are just finding their fashion way.


Now that you know exactly what to expect during your high school style evolution, focus on having your best year yet by checking out these THESE tips for the healthiest, happiest school year!